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Tea for your golden moments

About Us

Our success is primarily based on constant work, expertise and motivation of our employees. Therefore, achieving top goals through their knowledge, skills and abilities present our prestigious wealth.

Who we are

The family tradition of collecting and selling Medicinal Herbs dates back to the last century. Our experience and knowledge about Medicinal Herbs have been passed down for generations. Based on this experience, an independent craft shop was founded in 1989, predecessor of Fructus Company.

Fructuswas founded in 2001 as a family company for contracting cultivation, primary processing and trade in Medicinal plants, and production of Classic and Aromatized Tea aromas.

The production process was improved in 2004, with the introduction of a new product line for capsules production. It is based on dry extracts of Medicinal Herbs and granular forms for direct application or dissolution in water. Fourteen years later, this business segment evolved into new firm -our daughter company Mint pharm.

Today we are proud of a wide and diverse range of Products, plants built according to modern regulations and standards, modern and fully automated Technological Processes, well-equipped laboratory that controls Safety and Quality from raw materials to finished Products, distribution network covering domestic market, as well as the countries in region, IFS Standard but also ISO 9001 and HACCP standards that have been certified and successfully implemented since 2005.


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